With the strength of our staff and technology,we continue to contribute to the varied diet of our customers.

The Sonton Group has developed and provided products that increase the commercial value of bread and confectionary, including the long-selling Family Cup series that are safe, secure, high quality, and have been loved by customers. By doing so, we have contributed to the healthy and varied diet of customers since its founding in 1942.

We have taken “With the strength of our staff and technology, we continue to contribute to people’s health and the development of a varied food culture” as our corporate philosophy. Through providing our products with new value to enjoy a richer and healthier diet for people around the world, we hope to contribute to the fulfillment of customer’s lives and the development of society.

Now we are aiming to return to the basics of the manufacturer by innovating based on self-awareness, self-reliance, and spontaneity, and by creating new products for new needs and new global markets.

Besides, now we are also undertaking major reforms with a view to the Sonton Group’s future such as reorganization of the corporate organization and system, and advance into overseas markets including the Asian region.

We will continue to provide trusted products for domestic and overseas markets. Please look forward to new developments from the Sonton Group.

Shinichiro Ishikawa, President

Sonton Holdings Co., Ltd.