Business information

Business information

Household food business

We seek to deliver food that’s always delicious to support healthy living.

We believe that to live a healthy life it is important for people to have breakfast every morning. In the household food business, we continue to supply safe and delicious foods that can be easily prepared despite our busy modern lives.
The Family Cup series was born in 1960 with paper cup containers. From the day it first went on sale, this product has been filled with our desire for families to enjoy it on a daily basis. We are doing our best to develop a product that is high quality, reasonably priced, and varied in flavor choices to satisfy every customer’s preference. Because of the reasonable package size and easy-open design, this series has been popular with a wide range of customers, from children to the elderly, for more than half a century.

Besides, we also develop creams and jams essential for breakfast to meet our customers’ broad range of needs such as the Pre-spread Toast series that allows you to enjoy the crunch and fragrant smell of toast by spreading the cream on the bread before toasting it, the Whipped Cream Spread series featuring a very light texture, and canned jams including the Sun & Table series with blended the selected ingredients and exceptional flavor and texture.

We also propose many delicious new recipes for using our products for various sweets or other savory dishes and as normal topping on bread. Furthermore, we exchange information with customers on our website. Through these actions, we accurately analyze value desired from customers and hope to provide new delights for our customer’s daily life.
Sonton will keep trying to maintain both novelty and a consistently reliable taste.

Professional-use food business

We offer high value added products with grasping the needs of the market.


Professional-use food business is the basis of the development of Sonton, still accounting for a large proportion of our overall business today. Since the founding, as a comprehensive filling manufacturer, we have continued to provide various products to the confectionery, bakery, and restaurant markets while adapting to changing social needs.

Filling, which means “stuffing”, is the ingredient that is used in confectionery or bakery products including creams and jams. We also have many items for creating delicatessen bread, which uses cooked meats and vegetables such as curry-bread or pizza.Our professional-use products are used by a wide range of users including major bread manufacturers, convenience stores, bakery shops that supply fresh-baked bread, and Japanese/Western confectionery stores. We provide not only our products but also various application recipe or useful market information according to our customers’ needs. Through these services, we have understood our customers’ needs and requirements, and then created new products.

Furthermore, we belong to industry associations such as Japan Flour-paste Industry Association and Japan Jam Industry Association, etc. We are working actively to form a framework for making safe and hygienic products to improve product competitiveness across the entire fillings industry.
With a view to every food scene, by considering market trends and consumer wants by application, we will continue to do our best to provide safe, hygienic, and delicious foods to our customers.

International food business

To please people worldwide,We wish to contribute to people’s health And the development of varied food culture.



To maintain sustainable growth, we believe that it is necessary to expand our business not only in Japan but also in the Asian region, where population and economic growth are significant. In order to realize the company’s corporate philosophy, “For people’s health and a rich food culture”, we aim to supply delicious and high quality products that we have created over the years to overseas countries, especially in the Asian region.

Asia comprises more than half of the world’s population and is in the midst of a high economic growth period similar to the one previously experienced in Japan. A bread food culture is just about to spread in the region.
We will explore both business-to-business and business-to-consumer possibilities in the Asian market, just as we have in the Japanese market. We will develop both the traditional Japanese-style products that we currently market and new products oriented for each Asian country’s food culture. Finally, we aim to produce and sell our products in all of Asia.

Indonesia has a population of 277.5 million (No.4 in the world); its real economic growth rate is 5.31%. Indonesia’s GDP is expected to continue growing at this pace.In addition, it is speculated that the Muslim population of the world will reach 2.2 billion by 2030. Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country and is one of the most attractive markets in Asia. We aim to expnd our international food business beginning with these two countries.