Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

The following sets forth the positions and behavior that should be complied with in the management of the public social media accounts for the Sonton Group (hereafter called Sonton).

Basic Policy

Sonton complies with the stipulations set forth by each of the companies of the Sonton Group, the “Sonton Group Employee Behavior Guidelines,” and relevant laws when using social media and handles social media with honesty and an awareness of social norms so that there is no deviation from sound social etiquette.

*Social media is taken to mean blogs and social network services (such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

Position on Social Media Use

  • ・ Communications will be carried out with respect and solicitude when responding to the statements of other users.
  • ・ We will always act honestly (in statements, posts, and reactions) as a social entity with common decency.
  • ・ We will be responsible for stated information and statements will not be made that invite misunderstanding.
  • ・ It will be understood that information released publicly is viewable by an unspecifiably large number of people and once posted cannot be completely erased. We will always be conscious of making responsible communications.
  • ・ In the event that there has been a statement of mistaken information or the use of an expression which creates misunderstanding, an apology and correction will be made promptly.
  • ・ Confidential information will not be made public. The information of customers and clients will not be made public without the permission of the relevant customer or client.
  • ・ Responsibility will be upheld in daily operations.

Legal Compliance

The characteristics of social media will be understood and there will be compliance with the law when using social media. In particular, the law will be complied with so that there is no infringement on the rights of third parties such as for copyrights, trademarks, and publicity rights.

Requests to Customers Using Social Media

Sonton does not bear any responsibility whatsoever for any damages arising from the customer’s use of social media or their inability to use it due to some cause.
Please understand that all public statements from Sonton public accounts are not always an expression of our official stance.
Please see the website or read the news for official stances and announcements.

Social Media Accounts List

Here are the public social media accounts that provide information on deals for Sonton products.

● Facebook Accounts

Account Name:
Sonton Seikatsu
This is Sonton’s public Facebook page. It provides details on products, services, and various initiatives.
Period of Operation:
Since September 2014 (currently in use)
Account Name:
Sonton Group New Graduates Recruitment
This is the Sonton Group page for recruiting 2018 graduates. Information is provided to all those looking for work by recent graduate personnel.
Period of Operation:
Since December 2016 (currently in use)

● Instagram Account

Account Name:
This is Sonton’s public Instagram page. It provides delicious recipes for Sonton products.
Period of Operation:
Since March 2017 (currently in use)